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Help A Loved One
Come Out Confidently

Learn How To Turn The Challenges Associated With Coming Out Into An Opportunity For Massive Growth And Tranformation.

You want to help and be open-minded, but you’re not quite sure what to do or what to say to the people you love who are going through the challenges of coming out.

And although you don’t mean to say or do the wrong thing, there’s a good chance you might.

Even LGBT-Friendly people and those who are completely accepting of "queer lifestyles" can still make coming out more difficult than necessary for the people they love.

Understand That Coming Out Is A Process

Coming Out means more than just telling other people. It’s about them figuring out for themselves that they're LGBT, which is incredibly confusing and can often take someone years and years (sometimes decades) to discover and clarify. And it’s also about them changing their identity and adjusting to a new lifestyle and integrating into the LGBT community.

The people you love who are going through the coming out process are likely disoriented, frustrated, distracted, uncomfortable, and totally consumed.

Jordana Michelle

Certified Coach

Hi, I'm Jordana Michelle

I experienced first-hand the loneliness and struggle of coming out in a time and place where I didn’t know anyone else in the world who was a lesbian. But I successfully navigated and thrived through that experience myself.

Through this journey, I learned the best techniques for personal growth that have not only helped me but many friends and acquaintances that were sent to me by others who noticed how confidently I handled myself during that difficult time.

I later got certified as a coach and created several successful programs for the LGBT community, including Come Out Confidently, which has helped teenagers and adults who are struggling with coming out.

I created Come Out Confidently (For Allies) because most people don’t know how to help their loved ones who are coming out, and sometimes, without meaning to, they make it more difficult than necessary for the people they love. I help parents, family members, friends and allies to say and do the right things to show that they really understand so they can connect better and give their LGBT loved one the appropriate support they need.

Come Out Confidently (For Allies)
About The Program

Come Out Confidently (For Allies) provides you with the right tools to help you protect your loved one so they can avoid the pain and shame and fear and sadness and loneliness and confusion that so many people suffer when they are coming out.

This program teaches how anyone can alchemize the experience of coming out and turn it into an opportunity for profound growth that increases self-esteem and personal power.

About Jordana Michelle

Jordana Michelle Gutman, Esq. is the creative force behind educational programs that have helped teenagers, teachers, unhappy lawyers, LGBT individuals coming out, and lesbian and bisexual women struggling with finding and keeping lasting love.

Jordana is an entrepreneur, a certified coach, a public speaker and a matchmaker. She received a BA in economics from the University of Michigan and a JD from the Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law and a Certificate in Coaching from New York University.

Because she comes from a background in litigation and business ownership, all of Jordana’s programs are results-oriented and grounded in practicality, designed to focus on the inner game of success and achievement across all areas of life.


  • Rebekah S.
    I came out after my first girlfriend broke my heart. With Jordana’s support I was able to tell my family and friends the truth about my sexuality and the relationship that had just ended. Before I met Jordana I was struggling all alone with my broken heart because I was too ashamed to tell anyone. Jordana helped me heal and start dating again with the support of my family and friends.
    Rebekah S.
  • Adrian M.
    My relationship with my son is so much deeper because of the ways that Jordana opened my eyes. Jordana really helped me earn his trust. I’m so grateful for her wisdom and perspectives. I’m a better, more resourceful father because of her.  
    Adrian M.
  • Lisa F.
    Jordana has a way of making uncomfortable situations seem totally manageable. Her confidence is contagious and the mindsets she taught me have changed the way I approach everything in my life. I’m a stronger person because of the things I learned from her.  
    Lisa F.
  • Suzanne D.
    I met Jordana when I was newly out. Her advice really saved me from drama. I’m so lucky I sought her advice when I did. She really knows what she’s talking about.  
    Suzanne D.
  • Amanda R.
    Meeting Jordana was what gave me the courage and audacity to accept my sexuality and come out. Now I’m engaged to the love of my life. I don’t know where I’d be right now if I had never found Jordana.  
    Amanda R.

Register for Come Out Confidently (For Allies) so you can:

  • Learn the right things to say and do to help your loved ones feel loved and connected and empowered as they navigate their sexuality and come out of the closet;
  • Discover seven obstacles that most people don't realize LGBT individuals go through when they’re coming out (so you can understand their perspective better than anyone else in their life);
  • Learn about the three primal instincts humans evolved with that make it harder for LGBT individuals, in the modern world, to come out, and what they can do to get past the internal conflict these instincts cause;
  • Get the number one tool that can help your loved one diminish the fears that paralyze them and to systematically harness those fears to increase personal power and effectiveness;
  • Master the three most effective hacks to stop worrying about other people's judgments and overcome feeling judged by other people when they’re coming out;
  • Discover three powerful techniques for communicating with compassion and awareness in a way that opens people up and avoids conflict, including skills that will allow you to maintain connection and control in even the hardest conversations so you get better results and improve your relationships with the people you love; AND
  • See how all of these strategies can lead to more success and happiness and power across all areas life.

Do you have a family member, friend or someone you love that is going through the process of coming out and needs some support?

Register now for the next Come Out Confidently (For Allies) Online Live Program and learn how to give the right support to help your LGBT loved ones turn their coming out challenges into an opportunity for massive growth and transformation.